Why WordPress Is Best for Small Businesses

5 Ways WordPress Is Best for Small Businesses - We Are Digital

The time has come to build (or rebuild) your small business’s website. One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is what Content Management System (CMS) you should use.

Developers don’t create websites out of the ether. A CMS provides the basic building blocks that you need to put a new site together.

By far the most popular is WordPress, which represents around 50-60% of the global CMS market.

WordPress is used by some of the biggest publishers in the world including TED, Spotify, and TechCrunch. But it is also ideal for small business owners that want to get themselves online.

At We Are Creation Digital we love WordPress and in this blog post, we look at five reasons why small business owners should love it too.


WordPress started life as a blogging platform. An average of 17 posts are still published on the platform every second, but it has grown to become something much bigger.

These days WordPress can be used to create anything from a simple brochure site to a fully functional eCommerce website.

Whatever your digital aims are, WordPress can help you get there.


A big plus for WordPress is how easy it is to add new content. It’s a perfect blogging platform and makes it very easy to make website changes.

Using WordPress, you can keep customers updated about new product news and share your professional opinions on some of the latest industry trends.

It also makes content marketing easier, which is necessary for modern SEO. All you need to do is log in, add new content and click ‘update’.


Plugins are a bit like phone apps, used to improve the functionality of your small business website.

Want to add extra security to protect your site from hackers? Start selling products online? Turn more visitors into paying customers? There are plugins for all of these tasks and many more.

Just be careful you don’t add too many plugins, or it could slow your site down.


WordPress is automatically optimised for SEO – even without plugins.

Google’s former spam czar Matt Cutts endorsed WordPress in 2013 saying it “automatically solves a tonne of SEO issues.”

He also said that WordPress takes care of 80/90% of [the technical side of] Search Engine Optimisation.

This doesn’t mean that you can launch your website and watch it rocket to the top of Google’s search results, however. To take advantage of SEO you should use a great agency like We Are Creation.


Unlike out of the box website builders like Wix and Squarespace which can limit your creativity, WordPress gives you unlimited design possibilities.

At We Are Creation Digital, we believe that eye-catching design is the key to helping you communicate in a clear and convincing way.

Check out some of our projects to see what’s possible when you put experienced designers to work on WordPress.

WordPress Alternatives (And Why They’re Bad for Small Businesses) 

Obviously, alternatives to WordPress do exist. But we resolutely believe that WordPress is the best choice for small businesses.

We know that developers can be protective over their favourite CMS system. And we don’t want to criticise these platforms unfairly, but we do want to point out why we don’t think they aren’t particularly good for small firms.


Like WordPress, Drupal gives you the basic content building blocks from which to create your website.

But the key strength of the most complex things. While WordPress focuses on the basics of creating a new website with a new theme quickly and easily, Drupal focuses its attention on a vast array of extras and features that most small business websites will never use.

If you have years of up-to-date web development experience and want to create truly bespoke – like an inventory management system – then Drupal might be your best option. But if you and the people you want to manage the website just want something simple and not confusing, then WordPress is the better option.


Joomla is similar to Drupal, but it’s marginally easier to understand and use. We like to see it as a kind of halfway house between Drupal and WordPress.

The Joomla community isn’t as strong as the communities supporting WordPress and Drupal and this causes problems. Whenever something goes wrong with a major update or a third-party app or plug-in, the quickest and easiest way to get help is to go tto the broader community.

These major upgrades do happen on WordPress. And if you haven’t been taking care of regular maintenance operations on your website, then things can break. But with support from other WordPressers, problems are generally easy to fix.


Ghost bills itself as a slick, modern alternative to WordPress. It was developed by a former WordPress employee and uses the same business model as WordPress.

But there are a few important differences. The key difference is that with Ghost you have to write in Markdown – which is a shortened version of HTML code, while with WordPress, you work with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.

Ghost can only really be used for blogs, while WordPress is a more well-rounded system that lets you create websites and more. I do enjoy writing in Markdown. It’s fast and distraction free. But to me, Ghost is only suitable for modern blogging purists. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same universal appeal as WordPress.


Wix has an enormous advertising budget. Which is probably why you have heard of them before. Wix is the most popular company in a new breed of ‘block by block’ website builders.

Like with WordPress, you don’t need to learn how to code to create one of these websites. If anything, Wix is probably a little bit easier than WordPress, but you are limited in the scale and complexity of what you can create.

WordPress has tens of thousands of additional features and plug-ins, compared to Wix’s 200. WordPress also has many more themes to choos from and it doesn’t charge a monthly fee, like Wix.

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