Back to school: 5 online courses to improve your digital skills

Learning new skills

Back to school: 5 online courses to improve your digital skills

September is here. The days are getting chillier and the nights are drawing in.

Autumn is fast approaching and although summer hasn’t officially finished yet, endless #BackToSchool social media posts tell us that the school summer holidays are over.

The end of the holidays will be a relief for some mums and dads and the cause of sadness for others. Some parents may get jealous of the fact that their kids get to learn in comfortable classrooms all day while they have to trudge off to work.

But the lack of opportunity is no excuse for not learning and growing these days – learning new skills has never been easier. There are thousands of free online courses available to anyone who is prepared to work for a few hours each week.

Here are five of our favourite courses to learn new digital skills this September.

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Google Analytics training

Analysing your audience, their behaviour and the conversions they generate is one of the most important elements underpinning your marketing work.

If you can’t analyse something, you can’t improve it. Everyone on your team should have a basic understanding of analytics and how the different metrics should inform strategy.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and easily accessible analytics tools available to digital teams. And the Google Analytics academy makes learning the system incredibly easy.

There are beginner courses for those who are just getting started and more in-depth courses for anyone looking to become an expert. Once you have completed the advanced course, you will be invited to sit the Google Analytics IQ exam. Passing this exam earns you a Google Analytics Individual Qualification badge that you can display on your website.

Google’s Digital Garage training is great for a broader introduction to digital skills.

Subscribe to the Google Analytics training here.

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Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Angular

This course from Microsoft teaches experienced developers how to use Angular to build complicated web applications.

It gives front-end developers the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the open source framework and create dynamic webpages for mobile and desktop web apps.

For companies that aspire to more than a basic web page, Angular offers the perfect set of tools to create more complex online properties.

Delivered through the edX online education platform, the course leads developers through a series of modules covering increasingly complex topics – giving you the opportunity to push the limits of Angular and discover why it is so popular with so many creators.

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