Burns Night: Different dates to put in your content calendar

Burns Night: Different dates to put in your content calendar - We Are Digital

Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day and April Fool’s Day, hell even the Super Bowl has made it into some businesses’ content calendars.

Other dates are less familiar. If your business isn’t Scottish then it’s unlikely that you would post about Burns Night for example, which takes place tonight.

But we have seen some fantastically executed content themed around Burns Night today.

Just take a look at these.

In this blog post, we celebrate some of the calendar’s lesser-known holidays and suggest ways that companies could build them into their own content plans.

Royal Shrovetide Football – 13 February

Taking place on Shrove Tuesday, this medieval football game takes over the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne. Played across a three-mile ‘pitch,’ it’s a fantastic spectacle.

Idea for your content calendar

Have your own game of medieval football across the office.

Alban Eilir – 20 March

Alban Eilir – the Spring Equinox – is a druid celebration of nature and life. It’s the time when the ‘light’ starts to return to earth and the first signs of Spring show through.

Idea for your content calendar

Go outside.

St Swithin’s Day – 15 July

According to ancient tradition, if it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it will rain for the next 40 days. It started when the bones of St Swithin were moved just before a terrible storm in 971.

Idea for your content calendar

If it rains on St Swithin’s Day, give away a prize every day for 40 days.

International Dawn Chorus Day – 6 May

A worldwide celebration of nature’s morning symphony. There’s all sorts of events going on, but you need to get up at about 4am to take part.

Idea for your content calendar

Go outside. Early.

Mars Approach – 27 July

In 2003, the red planet came closer to earth than it had for more than 60 thousand years. It won’t be quite as bright as that in late July, but it will be close.

Idea for your content calendar

Create an out of this world video.

Michaelmas Day – 29 September

Michaelmas Day used to be one of the most important days on the Christian calendar – not quite as big as Christmas or Easter, but up there with Shrove Tuesday.

Idea for your content calendar

Film a skit where a washed-up St Michael curses St Nicholas, the Easter Bunny and anyone else who benefits from a big Christian holiday.

Global Entrepreneurship Week – 12-19 November

A week-long celebration of global entrepreneurship that’s all about turning ideas into reality.

Idea for your content calendar

Invite a group of young entrepreneurs on site and give them a taste of real-life business.

Festival of Winter Walks – 23 December – 07 January

Run by the Ramblers’ organisation, the Festival of Winter Walks celebrates walking over the Christmas period – traditionally a slow time for businesses.

Idea for your content calendar

Go outside.

Choosing dates for your content calendar

Your content plan needs to contain key dates that matter to your business. As well as things like product launches and key campaign dates – it should include holidays and other dates that matter to your customers.

Planning these dates out in advance in a content calendar lets you think about the content you will produce in advance – and prevents those mad last-minute scrambles when you realise you missed out on a key opportunity.

Some of the dates that we’ve included in this blog post are suggested tongue-in-cheek, but they may work for some businesses. And if you structure content around interesting lesser-known days, that’s a good way to distinguish yourselves from other companies in the increasingly competitive online landscape.


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