Checklist: Give Your Business A Digital Spring Clean

Checklist: Give Your Business A Digital Spring Clean - We Are Digital

You’ve cleaned out the fridge, cleared out the garage and dusted from skirting board to coving – surely there can’t be any more to do.

Today, rightly or wrongly, we all have a second digital life. There are essential security tasks to do, networks that need maintaining and updates that need applying all the way across the digital space.

The same is true for your business.

This checklist has everything you should do to give your digital business spaces a spring clean.

Optimise your Google My Business profile

Your company’s Google My Business profile isn’t the most obvious aspect of your digital footprint, but for some businesses, it is very important. It gives you a better chance of appearing in local search results and can make customers more likely to visit.

If you are a café, restaurant, shop, garage, hairdresser or similar business, make sure you have a Google My Business profile and include all the information that Google asks for.

To help your business stand out from other local companies, upload photos, answer customer queries, post about events and respond to reviews.

Go over content

Today, content marketing is critical to digital success. Blog posts, guides, infographics, videos and more – all can help your business reach new customers.

A quick content marketing win is to revisit and update old pieces of content that have performed well in the past.

Make sure the content is still relevant, add new sections if necessary and refresh some of the imagery to create content with the potential to propel you up search engine ranking pages.

Refresh that website

In the fast-moving world of digital design, websites can start to look tired and faded after relatively short intervals.

If you are keen to get a new look, but don’t want to invest extra time and energy into getting a whole new website, just try changing some things around.

Edit some of the images on your homepage, introduce new banners or alter fonts and text size until you find something that works.

Tap up new case studies

Case studies and testimonials are great ways of showing off your best work. But many businesses don’t keep these pieces of trusted content up to date.

If you have worked on any big projects this year that you think should be included on your website and other digital channels, take the time to speak to the client and make sure you show your business off in the best possible light.

Optimise your contact details

Making it easy for customers to contact you is an essential component of inbound marketing, but one that can be overlooked.

Make sure all the contact information on your website is up to date and think about including a short form on your website to collect information about potential new clients.

You may also want to check that contact information published on other sites is up to date and accurate. Also, make sure you think about GDPR when you collect customer information via forms.

Fix broken links

Broken website links can put potential customers off and devalue your SEO efforts. That’s why redirecting these broken links needs to be an ongoing process for your business.

You can track broken links using Google Analytics, use this information to create reports and decide where links need to be redirected.

Get more reviews

In certain industries, reviews are great for driving new business. Positive reviews act like personal recommendations for where to shop, eat and do business.

You can get more reviews for your business by asking happy customers to leave feedback in person or via email or SMS. It’s also good practice to respond to reviews – the good and bad ones – and seek to challenge negative reviews that you think are unfair.

Update your team page

People like doing business with people. A good ‘meet the team’ page will help your business connect on a more personal level. But you need to make sure that you keep the team pages up to date.

As people join and leave your company, make sure you are removing and adding them as necessary. Make sure you keep the photographs up to date as well – and in the same style.

Get your site up to speed

Website speed matters. A one-second delay in page load can lead to a seven per cent loss in conversions. Sometimes website designers will sacrifice page load time in favour of special design features and extra bells and whistles.

You can test your page load speed with GTmetrix and mobile speed with Google. If these tests show that there is need for improvement, then there are many strategies that you can use to speed up your site. We recommend a consultation with a professional developer.

Brush up on GDPR

New GDPR requirements are complex and comprehensive data obligations for companies. It is likely that companies will have to make significant changes before the 25 May implementation date, or risk fined of up to £17 million.

For many businesses, consent around marketing materials will be very significant. The rules for obtaining consent will be strengthened.

Change passwords

An essential part of digital spring cleaning should be keeping your business safe online. You need to make sure that you are keeping passwords safe – particularly critical passwords like website and email passwords.

You should also encourage workers to follow safe password practices such as enabling two-factor authentication for accounts and changing passwords regularly.

Review social media use

Why does your business use social media? It is easy to get bogged down in everyday posting on the platform and lose sight of what you are trying to achieve.

Evaluate where you are strong on social media, which kinds of posts you work the best and which platforms might need some work. If a certain platform isn’t suite to your business, don’t be afraid of deleting your company profile – like Elon Musk.

Its also a good idea to make sure your personal social media profiles are secure, with your privacy settings protected too and encourage your employees to do the same.

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