Eight Brands That Rule British Twitter

Eight Brands That Rule British Twitter | We Are Creation Digital

We all know about the big American companies that impress on Twitter.

Whether it is Nike’s motivational (and controversial) video spots or Wendy’s funny replies, these global mega-brands have collected millions of followers on the platform.

But British brands like to do things a little bit differently. Most of them aren’t as big. And just like British people, they aren’t as earnest or pathologically sincere as their American cousins.

In this blog post we want to celebrate the best that British Twitter has to offer. Hopefully the examples will inspire your company to find personal voice for social media marketing.

Innocent Drinks

Brits are courteous, reserved, humorous and badly-dressed. But most importantly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and Innocent doesn’t either.

They embody everything that Brits think they should be and put a wholesome Great British Bake Off twist on everything.

Puffin Books

Like many other companies, Puffin Books’ success on Twitter is all down to their excellent community building skills.

The children’s division of Penguin Books is always trying to engage their followers. They know that readers love talking about books – especially those that inspired them when they were children.


Burberry is the most followed British brand on Twitter (we think) with more than 8 million followers.

Their social media strategy matches the company’s business model. Each Burberry post reinforces the brands exclusivity, posting celebrities, limited-time offers and more.


Another luxury brand, NET-A-PORTER approaches social media slightly differently. They try to make luxury fashion accessible for everyone.

They post lots of tips, guides and disarming posts to put people at ease and help everyone get on board with exclusive brands.

British Airways

British Airways embodies everything that’s brilliant about Britain.

Acting as international ambassadors for our tiny island, the airline doesn’t post all that often, but they celebrate everything from royal baby announcements to Freddie Mercury’s birthday.

Yorkshire Tea

Proud, straight-talking and just a little arrogant, sounds like a Yorkshire company to us.

Using wit, good humour and more than a splash of creativity, Yorkshire Tea posts about everything good in god’s own country including cricket, baking and, yep, tea.


Being funny is tremendously important for certain Twitter brands. Some companies even hire stand-up comedians to man their support lines.

Remember that you are on a social network. People want socialise and see personality. And Greggs definitely achieves this.

Kensington Palace

A Twitter feed devoted to Wills and Kate and Harry and Meghan – the next generation of royals.

Documenting their charity work and public appearances, the feed always paints the princes positively and publishes some of the best photos of the world’s most photographed couples.

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