Getting Your Restaurant Menu Online – An Introduction to Structured Data

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An online menu is an integral component to any restaurant website. Making it as search engine friendly as possible should be a major priority for any restaurant with an active website.

What is Structured Data?

Structured data or the vocabulary represent industry standard markup designed to clearly communicate the intention or contents of a given website page. Often used for articles or products, restaurants also have the ability to use this industry standard vocabulary to clearly communicate not only business basics like name, phone number and hours, but also individual menu items which could lead to increased organic search results.

Requirements for Created an Online Menu with Structured Data

Although this is not intended to be a full tutorial on creating structured data (check out this helpful link from Moz, the basics you need are as follows:

  1. A website for your restaurant.
  2. A page(s) rendered in HTML for your menu items.
  3. The ability to edit the head of your website’s documents, or a plugin/module capable of doing so.
  4. The ability to edit the HTML of your website, or to use a plugin/module to automatically update it for you (we are not endorsing any)

Test Your Restaurant’s Structured Data

To test that you’ve properly implemented the data, check it with Google’s structured data tool . As the goal with the menu structured data implementation is to increase search engine visibility, it makes the most sense to ensure your structured data is best optimised for Google as opposed to other search engines.

Remember Your Restaurant’s Branded Experience

Getting lost in the technical aspects of structured data can lead to a loss in branded identity. Remember to craft the experience first and add the technical markup later. In modern web development style and visual representation are separate from technical structure. If you need help, ask the experts.

Other Options for Online Restaurant Menus

If structured data isn’t for you, either get in touch so we can help you, or you can explore some of the other options available.

Consider a PDF menu (essentially a scanned version of your menu or rendered from your design files). This is exactly what it sounds like and is effective from a user experience perspective. If it means you can keep your menu up to date, then it is an effective option.

Alternatively, you have the option creating an Instagram menu. Although this has no SEO value, an Instagram or visual menu can be an effective way of visually communicating your menu items to engaged users of the platform. We recommend using a visual menu such as this in conjunction with a more traditional style of online menu such as a dedicated page or pdf upload to appeal to the widest range of customers.

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