The Gurkha Grill restaurant is one of Manchester’s best-kept secrets, specialising in Nepalese and Indian cuisine.

Gurkha Grill

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Located in West Didsbury, a Manchester suburb renown for great food and nightlife, The Gurkha Grill serves a selection of Indian and Nepalese dishes. The restaurant boasts a distinct and modern menu that sets it apart from the many competing venues in the area.

Following the recent refurbishment of their premises, The Gurkha Grill approached We Are Creation to help enhance their digital presence, bringing together their contemporary approach to traditional food and their visual identity.

The project started with a review of the restaurant’s current website and an evaluation of the brand’s visual identity. The Gurkha Grill offers much more than a conventional ‘curry house’ and their brief highlighted the desire to distance themselves from this somewhat generic food category.

The central part of The Gurkha’s new digital presence was the creation of a bespoke, responsive website, built around a core Content Management System (CMS). The visual design of the site needed to convey and complement the restaurants modern and contemporary approach to their craft.

We Are Creation provided The Gurkha Grill with a website that engages with its users in an interactive and fluent manner.

When combined with the professional food photography, their new digital identity provides exciting content and a visually rich user experience through animation and responsive design.

Gurkha Grill’s head chef has been classically trained and combines this cooking style with traditional dishes to create a menu that offers something truly unique. It was important that the food formed the foundations for both the website and the brand’s visual identity.

As content direction was key with this project, the decision was made to arrange a photoshoot at the restaurant. Our professional food photographer ensured that The Gurkha Grill was equipped with a library of shots that not only demonstrated the variety of dishes available but also captured the stunning range of colours found within Indian and Nepalese cuisine.

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