Product specific microsite for the world’s slimmest sound bar! So slim, you’ll need a closer look…


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When Humax first approached us to take on their brief for their ultra slim soundbars, we got a little excited.
We were asked to create a concept and integrated campaign to drive awareness of their new benchmark product.

We decided to break the usual web design rules by moving the website pages into one, creating a Paralax Scrolling One Page Website.

Building the site on our bespoke mobile framework meant that we could keep all of the desktop computer functionality and provide a unique experience on every mobile device. The website looks great wherever you go and on whatever device you choose to access it from.

We believe that the form over function rule doesn’t exist. Why can’t you have elegant design and perfect functionality?

We thought it would also be a great way to showcase all of the great images we captured during the recent photoshoot. The first thing you are hit with when visiting the site is a photo of “Joseph” the leading figure in our “Take a Closer Look” campaign, Joseph is inspecting the world’s slimmest sound bar and as you scroll further down through the pages of the website he literally takes a closer look!

Humax also required a quick and easy way for customers to locate their nearest stockist. Enter the “dealer locator” – an easy to use Google map that instantly pinpoints your current location and suggests your closest Humax stockists, even from mobile devices.

The Humax Sound bar Microsite bridges both form and function and creates something deeper, more accessible and effortlessly beautiful.

Our mobile framework means that no matter what kind of device you choose to use, you will always have a unique accessible way of getting to the important parts of the website. Tech savvy or not, you don’t need a degree in web design to navigate through this website.

We will partner you all the way through the process to ensure the perfect solution every time.

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