The best digital jobs for people that hate people

Photographer digital job

The best digital jobs for people that hate people

Digital jobs tend to be quite sociable. Open plan offices, an emphasis on inclusivity and regular team outings are all hallmarks of digital firms.

The digital agency is an extrovert’s paradise. But there are some digital jobs for people that hate people.

We have used data from the American Occupational Information Network (O*NET) which classifies jobs based on the importance of certain skills.

For one of the indices, each job is graded from 0 to 100 based on how important communicating with supervisors, peers and subordinates (in person and on the phone), with 100 being most important and 0 being least.

If the thought of making a telephone call fills you with dread and cancelling plans brings you a little too much joy then some of these digital jobs may be for you.

Ugh solitary digital jobs


Communication rating 50

High-quality photographs are essential to producing good quality digital content.

If you have always preferred being behind the camera and don’t mind spending long hours in front of editing software then this role might be the perfect fit for you.

eCommerce Seller

Communication rating 61

eCommerce sellers come in lots of shapes and sizes. Some are home-office Shopify sellers, while others are agency-based eCommerce marketing specialists.

Because all sales are made online, real-life interactions are kept to a minimum. eCommerce sellers need to marry a hard nose for data with a degree of entrepreneurial panache to be successful.

Web Developer

Communication rating 72

The introverted web developer is a Hollywood trope that won’t quit. But building great websites and apps isn’t as solitary as many people realise.

Developers are often required to work in teams and they need to appreciate how people interact with their systems. Even so, it is one of the highest paying digital jobs with a relatively low communication rating.

Graphic Designer

Communication rating 72

Tied with web developers with a communication rating of 72, graphic designers also lean towards the introverted side of the spectrum.

Graphic designers need to be creative and sometimes that creativity comes from working in a close-knit team, but sometimes it comes from working alone.

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